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The club's purpose is "to promote...friendly relations between persons interested in photography and kindred subjects and for the advancement of knowledge in the science and art of photography."
Portland Camera Club Charter, 1899

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Founded on May 24, 1899, the Portland Camera Club is one of the oldest camera clubs in the United States.  The club welcomes anyone interested in photography, whatever their level of experience. Our programs include education through classes, workshops and guest speakers. The Portland Camera Club is a registered 501(c)(7) organization.

Camera Club meeting with club president Steve Thomas speaking. Meetings usually begin with announcements, then lights are dimmed and a large screen is opened for the showing of images, or a stand-up lightbox is used to display prints.


Meetings are held every Monday from September through May (excluding Labor Day and the last two Mondays in December).

Woodfords Club, Portland, Maine

Beginning 9/14/2015, meetings will be held at the Woodfords Club, 179 Woodford Street, Portland (click here for Google Maps).  Ample parking is available.

Handicap access: The main entrance of the Woodfords Club building includes a ramp with handicap access. The ramp and a number of handicap-only parking spaces are on the west side of the building, in between the Woodfords Club and the Jones-Rich-Hutchins Funeral Home.  Inside the Woodfords Club building, the main floor (including restrooms) is ADA-compliant.

Meetings start at 7:00 PM.

Winter cancellations: The club makes every effort to contact its members in the event that a meeting must be canceled. The announcement will be made on the PCC_connect forum (our Yahoo! group), communicated via e-mail, a "telephone tree," and local television stations.


  • Regular Membership dues are $50 per year.
  • High School students presenting a valid Student ID may participate in all club activities for free.
  • Undergraduate college students presenting a valid Student ID may participate in all club activities for $20 per year.
  • Family Memberships: First family member pays $50; each additional family member pays $25.

Visitors are always welcome. Anyone may participate, at no charge, in meetings during September and October. To continue participation in club activities, individuals must pay their annual dues by the end of the first meeting in November.

Dues payments may be made with a check or money order, made payable to "Portland Camera Club." Give your check to the club treasurer, Rick Thompson. Or you may pay via our Paypal page (click here for the Paypal Payments page). If you choose to mail in your check, mail it to:
Portland Camera Club
P.O. Box 2526
South Portland, ME 04116.

Executive Board

Members of the club's Executive Board are elected to their position. Elections are held during the club's Annual Business Meeting, which is usually held in early May.

2017-2018 Executive Board
Club Officers:

President: Bill Shumaker (email:
Vice President: Ella Hudson
Secretary: Mary Powers
Treasurer: Rick Thompson

Executive Committee:
Eric Piskura
Meredith Kennedy
Mike Leonard
Samm Marquis
Steve Thomas

Club By-laws

Click here for the current Portland Camera Club Bylaws (PDF format).


General Questions: Mike Leonard click here for email.
Web Site Comments: John Bald click here for email.

Mailing address:
Portland Camera Club
P.O. Box 2526
South Portland, ME 04116

Yahoo Group Online Forum

The club's Yahoo Group is an easy way to stay in touch with other club members. Anyone can post a message to the forum and it will be sent automatically to all members that have joined the group. The forum is designed to be a tool for members' use and mutual benefit. Topics for posting to the forum include meeting changes or weather cancellations, a member looking for help with a photography question, or any club event.

To visit the PCC_Connect forum, click here.  Note: using the PCC_Connect Yahoo group requires a Yahoo account (a Yahoo username and password). A Yahoo account is free. If you don't have a Yahoo account, click on the Create an Account link.  See also this link to the Join A Group help page:

In addition to the message forum, the club's Yahoo group also has a repository of tutorials, files and helpful videos about photography. Go to the Yahoo group and click on "Files" in the menu bar at the top of the Yahoo group. Or if you have already signed into the Yahoo group, use this direct link to go to the Files page:


Competitions are one of the club's major activities. They provide a way for members to learn and grow as photographers, by providing a means for members to have their work evaluated, as well as the opportunity to observe the work of fellow members. For a description of the club's competitions and instructions on how to enter, see the Competitions page.



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