Our Own Yahoo Group

We have our own Yahoo Group called PCC_Connect. It's a free and easy way to stay in touch with other club members.

Administered by Yahoo, the group is basically an automatic email message forwarding service whereby a member can post a message to the forum and it is automatically sent to all club members that have joined the group. The messages are also archived on the Group web site for future reference. The forum is designed to be a tool for members' use and mutual benefit. Topics for posting and discussion here could include meeting changes or weather cancellations; a member looking for help with an equipment problem; advice on time of day or year to shoot a particular location or any other club or photography related subject.

The club is offering this service in the hope of fostering more discussion, learning and comaraderie among our members. We can use PCC_Connect to post images in an online photo gallery, share files, take polls, and several other functions. Many thanks to Gary Pennington for setting up PCC_Connect!

To visit the PCC_Connect home page, click here or click on the screen below.

Note to First Time Visitors: If you don't already belong to another Yahoo group or have a Yahoo account, you'll be asked to register first. This is a one-time step. Look for the blue button that says "Join This Group!"

Click here to visit PCC_Contact

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