Portland Camera Club

Submitting JPG Images


  • Images submitted for a Projected Image Competition or a Projected Image Discussion & Critique night are due by midnight Wednesday before the meeting.
  • Please review the Projected Image Submission rules.
  • Maximum image dimensions are 1400 px (width) and 1050 px (height). 
  • Your .jpg file must be named in the following format:
    your name and -A or -B indicating Class A or Class B and the image title
    For example: Nancy-Bates-B-Sunset-Reflections.jpg
    To request that judges critique one of your entries, add C- to the beginning of the filename, for example, C-Nancy-Bates-B-Sunset-Reflections.jpg.

When your image files are ready, send your images by email to pccupload@gmail.com  You can send both images in one email, or send two emails with one image attached to each; either way is fine.  Almost all email systems allow for image attachments up to 6.5mb or more, and competition images are usually .5 to 1.5mb, so file size should not be a problem.

Watch for a confirmation email, which will usually arrive within 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours. Email confirmations are being done manually by John Bald.

If you encounter any difficulties, contact John Bald (pic@portlandcameraclub.org).

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