Portland Camera Club

Submitting JPG Images


  • Images submitted for a Projected Image Competition or a Projected Image Discussion & Critique night are due by midnight Wednesday before the meeting.
  • Color space: sRGB 
  • Maximum image dimensions are 1920 px (width) and 1080 px (height). 
  • Your .jpg file must be named in the following format:
    your name and -A or -B indicating Class A or Class B and the image title
    For example: Nancy-Bates-B-Sunset-Reflections.jpg
    To request that judges critique one of your entries, add C- to the beginning of the filename, for example, C-Nancy-Bates-B-Sunset-Reflections.jpg.

When your image files are ready, send your images by email to:


You can send both images in one email, or send two emails with one image attached to each; either way is fine.

You will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.

If you encounter any difficulties, contact John Bald (pic@portlandcameraclub.org).

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