Members Only

The club makes certain information and material available to current PCC members only, not to the general public or lapsed members. Some examples include:

  • Recorded Club Meetings
  • Member Profiles and Contact Information
  • Tips & How To's
  • Instructions for Submitting an Image for a PCC Competition

Access to the Members Only Area

To access the PCC Members Only Area, members are required to have a Google account that uses the same email address that is used in the PCC_mbr email distribution list. If you don't have a Google account that uses your PCC_mbr address, you can create one for free. Click this link to create a Google account.

Note: create a Google account that uses the same email address used in the PCC_mbr distribution email list. If you've forgotten what your PCC_mbr address is, look in your In box for any message with "[PCC mbr]" at the beginning of the Subject line. Open the message and look for the address in the To field. That is your PCC_mbr address.

How To Enter the PCC Members Only Area:

  1. Make sure that you are currently signed into your Google account (see "Access to the Members Only Area" above). A quick way to check whether you are already signed into your Google account is to click this link: PCC Members Group. If the PCC Members screen is displayed, then you are signed into your Google account. If you are not signed in, a screen will be displayed prompting you to enter the email address and password for your Google account to sign in.
  2. After you've signed into your Google account, click the "Enter Members Only Area" link shown below. A menu of members only links will be displayed.

Enter Members Only Area