Online Payments to PCC Using PayPal

To make an online payment to the Portland Camera Club, click the PayPal button at the bottom of this page. When you click the PayPal button, a secure web page will be displayed. Follow the onscreen instructions to make your payment.
PayPal for the Portland Camera Club

Enter the amount you are sending to the Portland Camera Club in the Price per item field, then click Continue.

    Membership Dues:
  • Annual PCC membership dues, due by 1st meeting in November: $50 (or $25 if joining after February 1).
  • Family memberships: first family member pays $50; each additional family member pays $25.
  • College student membership: $25.
  • High school student membership: free.


If you need to send an email message to the club treasurer, click here or copy/paste this email address: