The Portland Camera Club has welcomed photography enthusiasts of all levels since 1899. Meetings are held on Mondays from September through May at the Woodfords Club, 179 Woodford Street in Portland (click for map).  We meet to display and discuss photography in a friendly atmosphere. Visitors are always welcome (only members may submit images in competitions). To learn more about us, visit our About the Club page. For a schedule of club events, visit our Club Calendar.

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The Portland Camera Club is a charter member of the Photographic Society of America and the New England Camera Club Council.

News & Events

Please note: most meetings are held online using Zoom (see Calendar for exceptions). Club members receive Zoom links by email. Non-members wanting to attend a meeting are welcome to join us. Send an email to the PCC membership committee requesting a meeting Zoom link: send to pcc_mcmte@googlegroups.com

For videos of presentations and recorded meetings, visit the PCC Vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/pccmaine

Jan 1–31: Shoot Images for the January-themed Image Capture

During the month of January, club members are encouraged to capture three images:

  • An image that reflects COLD.
  • An image that is COLORFUL.
  • An image that represents some sort of COLLECTION (multiple objects of a similar type, e.g., trees, coins, bricks).
  • Images must be taken between the dates of Jan 1 and Jan 31.
  • Name your three images for COLD, COLORFUL and COLLECTION in this format: yourname-COLD.jpg, yourname-COLORFUL.jpg, and yourname-COLLECTION.jpg.  Note: images should be in the standard size of 1920px maximum width, 1080px maximum height.
  • Submit your three images as email attachments, send to PCC.Photowalk@gmail.com by the deadline, Wednesday Feb 1st.
  • Images will be viewed and discussed at the February 6th Zoom meeting.

Monday February 6, 7pm:  Discussion of Images from January-themed Image Captures

(Zoom) We will view and discuss images taken for the January-themed Image Capture. (The deadline for submitting images is Feb 1st.)

Monday February 13, 7pm:  Projected Image Competition

Submission Guidelines:

  • Deadline: Thursday, Feb 2nd
  • One image per member. JPEG format only. Images should not exceed maximum width 1920px and maximum height 1080px.
  • Name your image file in the format your name-[class A or B]-title.jpg, for example, Ansel-Adams-A-Winter-Storm-Yosemite.jpg
  • Send your image file by email to pccupload@gmail.com (every entry receives a confirmation within 72 hrs).

Monday February 20, 7pm:  Discussion Night

(Zoom) Discussion Night: member images are discussed in an open, supportive way. Images are not judged or scored. All members are encouraged to submit one image.

  • Deadline for submissions is Fri Feb 17.
  • Images must be in JPEG/JPG format and sized to a maximum width of 1920px, and max height 1080px.
  • Name your image file yourname-class A or B-imagetitle.jpg – for example, Ansel-Adams-A-Yosemite-Valley.jpg.
  • Email your image file to pccupload@gmail.com. You will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.

Monday February 27, 7pm:  Member Slide Shows (at Woodfords Club)

(In person meeting)  Always a popular, entertaining night of short slideshows by PCC members. Family, friends, anyone is welcome to join us to watch the shows. Submissions by members only. Slideshow Guidelines:

  • Family appropriate content, please.
  • Create (export) your slideshow as an .MP4 file (1080P at 30fps).
  • Shows should be not longer than 4 minutes.
  • Royalty Free or your own original music
  • First "slide" should include the slideshow title and your name.
  • After all of the image slides, add a slide that provides music attribution (song title, artist).
  • The final slide should be a black slide – this will help with transitions from one slideshow to the next.
  • Use WeTransfer (a free program) to send in your .MP4 file. When WeTransfer prompts you for a destination email, enter mleonard@maine.rr.com – Mike Leonard is collecting the slideshows for presentation at the meeting.
  • Submission dates: submit your slideshow (i.e., use WeTransfer to send your .MP4 file) between Feb 10 and Feb 22. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Feb 22.

Special note from Mike Leonard: members have the option of submitting a show that you made during COVID/Zoom – you can submit that instead of a new show. Your old show will look and sound much better "live" on the big screen at the in person meeting on 2/27.

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