Bridges of Friendship

Greater Portland/Archangel Exhibit

In celebration of the 30-year anniversary of their Sister City relationship, Greater Portland, Maine, and Archangel, Russia, exchanged images for an exhibition of 60 photographs (30 from Maine and 30 from Archangel). The exhibit, Bridges of Friendship, was first on display at the Stonewall Gallery in Yarmouth in 2018 and has moved to other locations after that.

Current Exhibit Details

Location: Baxter Memorial Library (Gorham)
71 South Street, Gorham, ME 04038

Opening reception at the Baxter Memorial Library is Thursday, September 16 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

Online Galleries of Exhibit Images

Online gallery of 30 images from SPOLOKHI club, Archangel, Russia.
Online gallery of 30 images from the Portland Camera Club, Portland, Maine, USA.

Patronage Form

Patronage/Support Form (PDF)


"The Women Photographers of Photo Club SPOLOKHI"

Dennis Marrotte has provided this historical document, an essay written by the late Tamara Ishenina who was the first Vice President of Photo Club SPOLOKHI. She wrote the essay in 1990, one year before the Soviet Union collapsed. The photo below, taken in September 1990, shows Tamara Ishenina on the far left. Our own Dennis Marrotte is in the middle, holding a jacket.

Click here to read "The Women Photographers of Photo Club SPOLOKHI"  (PDF).


Additional Photos

March 14, 1991 at a Northern Lights ( PC SPOLOKHI ) Photo Club Meeting to see PCC's Portfolio for the joint " 50 / 50 " juried Exhibition and a personal Slide Show by then PCC President Dennis Marrotte. A surprise was the dual presentation of the American Flag - here being cradled by Interpreter Larisa Borovskaya, and the State of Maine Flag, held by Dennis and Larisa's friend, Lena. On the Left side with his Daughter, is PC SPOLOKHI member, Sergei Yarigin, who composed the Essay: " Bridges of Friendship " following the third visit in 10 months to Archangel by Dennis. Sergei passed away in 2004. All the Prints on the wall are by PCC members. Note the Old Port Poster: "Portland, Maine " on the far Left corner wall next to PC Spolokhi President Nikolai Chesnokov.
Photo Courtesy: PC SPOLOKHI


November 10, 2018. Opening Reception for the " Bridges of Friendship " Photography Exhibition at the Gostiny Dvor Art and Local Lore Museum in Archangel. Veteran members of Northern Lights ( PC SPOLOKHI ) Photo Club, Left: Tamara Schilina and Right: Nikolai Chesnokov surprised the audience with their Club's State of MAINE Flag, presented by Portland Camera Club's Dennis Marrotte in March 1991. The Opening Reception was less than 24 Hours after the Opening Reception of the " Bridges of Friendship " Exhibition at the Yarmouth Historical Society's Community Room in Yarmouth, Friday, November 9, 2018.
Photo Courtesy: PC SPOLOKHI


September 15, 2019. Northern Lights ( PC SPOLOKHI ) Photo Club welcomed Dennis Marrotte from the Portland Camera Club, and two English Teachers from School 21 to a Meeting of Northern Lights members. A Warm Welcome of members Shows and the State of MAINE Flag brought out Happy Smiles !!! The Print on the " Bridges of Friendship " Poster: " Between Bridges " is the work of Vera Radosteva, holding the Flag to Dennis' right.
Photo Courtesy: Ivan Popov, PC SPOLOKHI


Exhibit Details

Click here for the initial write-up describing the project.

Contact Information

This project is under the direction of the Spolokhi Exhibit/Exchange Committee:

Dennis Marrotte, Archangel Committee & Portland Camera Club

Dan Glover, Archangel Committee