Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is open to all members of the Portland Camera Club. 

How To Participate

  1. Images must be taken at Ft. Williams Park from May 14 to August 31, 2022.
  2. A comprehensive map of Ft. Williams Park is available here as a PDF.
  3. There are 4 categories. You can choose to work with any or all the categories, however you can only submit one image per category. If you shoot for one category, submit one image. If you shoot three categories, submit three images.
  4. Submit your images between August 1 and Labor Day, September 5. Send your image file(s) by email to  (every entry receives a confirmation)
  5. Important! You must name your image file #-your-name.jpg, for example 3-Ansel-Adams.jpg for an image in Category 3, photo by Ansel Adams.
  6. Images will be displayed at the first meeting on September 12. Attendees will vote on their favorite. A prize will be awarded!


    See the map of Ft Williams Park for the location of the Cliff Walk, Pond, Goddard Mansion and Old Battery.
  • 1: The Cliff Walk Loop
    Possible topics include the Portland Head Light, People From Away, Rocks and Water
  • 2: The Pond Loop (see map for the pond location)
    Possible topics include Flora and Fauna, Children, Landcape
  • 3: Goddard Mansion Loop
    Possible topics include The Beach, Old Goddard Ruin, View From Battery Keyes
  • 4: The Old Battery Loop
    Possible subjects include the area commonly called "The Dog Park," a perspective on an evolving park (the park juxtaposed with the old battery ruins), the Playground and Officers Row